Hi Dr.I was wondering if you could help me. I got married about a year ago and I have a major sex problem and I don’t know where to get help. Every time we start making out I get hard in a second and then when we start having sex I will come in less then a minute every time.I don’t think I have ever given her an orgasm since we got married unless I use other things like before we got married (we did not have sex before we got married) so I come and then I can not please her and I really feel like a rapist when that happens.I have tried to think about other things and I tried to pinch myself to get pain and nothing helps and I could see it on her face that it bothers her even if she says its OK. I would feel the same way. So I was wondering if there is any help for me. I am really scared of taking any pills or these other things on the internet, so please let me know thank you so much.