Hi Dr. TurndorfI am 26, an at-home mum of two and last fall on three separate occasions I caught my neighbor standing 18′ from his bedroom window with a light directed at his genitals–completely naked and masturbating, looking in my kitchen window.I told my husband last fall and he went over and politely threatened the guy to close his curtains. It hasn’t happened again until last week, when it happened twice. He waits until his wife leaves for work. Instead of waiting for my rage-prone husband to go over there and do damage, I called the local police and he went over their house when he and his wife were home and talked to them.I had explained everything to the officer, who told me I had done the right thing and if it happens again I should file charges; but I talked to the neighbor ‘s wife yesterday and she giggled about it, saying ‘oh, we must have forgotten to lower the shades. . . so sorry, it won’t happen again. ‘She does not have any idea of what was actually happening. Since talking to her, I am concerned that the truth was not brought out when the officer talked to them and hence there is no real incentive for him to stop.I don’t feel safe with him home next door. I am afraid for his wife that he is not just a little creepy but very sick. I don’t think I should have to live with shuttered windows.Should I write his wife a letter telling her exactly what the problem is? Am I making too big a deal out of this? I don’t like feeling afraid.Thanks