my wife told me that she does not love me anymore:-(we have been married for 2.5 years and have a 9month old son. I thought i had the best life in the world because my wife is the best and i love her more than life. I work hard 75-90 hours a week so she can have a nice house and every thing she need. all i need is her to get me through this life. she has tore down my life with this news. be she at least has not left yet. ipray every night and try to show her my love for her but it seems to get me know where.she does not work and spends most of the day on the net chatting with other men and sharring her feelings with them and not me, I DO NOT belive in the big D and never will i am trying to get her to think the sameway. i am going to fight for this relations ship but i just do not know what to do right, so i am turnig to you. mabey i can get something good out of the net other that a new man for my wife.