Hi,I have read many other posts but none relates directly to my problem as my husband insists he never had that”spark” for me. My husband and I have been together 32 years, 27 years married. It has been far from perfect since we come from different backgrounds and have disagreed more times than not. The bottom line is that he announced that he wants a divorce to find “romantic love,” a love like I have for him. He insists that he never loved me and in the beginning married me out of convenience and because I wanted to get married. I wanted to but told him I would stay with him anyway.He already had a son from a previous “fling” and didn’t really want any kids. I said I would like a child so he said ok and one month later we were pregnant. We tried for a second and after 2 miscarriages in between we had our second son. Our kids have been great for both of us however back in 2001 he left me and got an apartment for about a month and then moved back. The second time he left was in Jan 2007 again getting an apartment and he began dating someone local and also contacting a Ukranian woman he found on a website. He also sent another woman flowers. He said he came back because the boys needed him. Now flash forward to today, this almost 60 year old man (I am 61) tells me he wants a divorce. He says it would be much easier if he loved me since we have a great relationship now-share common interests, get along well and have a good sex life BUT he says he is a risk taker and must search for romantic love and dont worry since he’ll take care of me financially- we lost our house in 2011, and I lost my job.We are both still at home together, sleep together and do activities together. I want to save this marriage. What can I do? Please help.Thank you so much for all that you do!