Lost Love? I’m best friends with a girl who I have known for like 5 years. We have the perfect friendship. I’m always there when she needs me and and I always listen to what she has to to say.The problem is I’m madly in love with her and have been from the beginning. We have had romance between us off and on and never had a bad split up it was always bad timing. I moved away, yet still talked to her every night before I went to bed for a couple of years. Well I moved back close to her.The problem is that she is now engaged to a man. It is killing me inside to see her so unhappy with this man. Yet she will not leave to be with me. She shows abvious signs of happiness when she is near me. We get along great. Still she claims her love for him. She still calls him her boyfriend, and she will say that ‘if’ she marries him, and also she has slept with me since I have been back on more than one occasion.She tells me that she knows it’s not right but she can’t control her urges to be intimate with me. And stil she claims to be in love with this man. Is she in love with him or is she in love with me and is scared to give up the furniture, and all the other things they share.When they fight she will always run to me for comfort. I’m trying desperately to stay her best friend and not say anything about leaving him because it’s her choice not mine. I want to know if she will marry him? If she realy is in love with him? Is there anyway I can bring back the real feelings she had for me before I left? In your opinion what do you think will come of this relationship?I’m not sure he is ready for her to be married. I can remember one time three weeks ago when her car broke down and she was going to call me to help but decided to call her ‘boyfriend’ to help her but he said no because he wanted to hang out with the boys and play video games. So she called me upset and I ended up going to help her out.It just kills me knowing she is hurting and I’m so ready to offer her my life to share and devote everyday to her happiness. I want so much more for her because I’m her frend and because I love her. Always have for the last five years.What should I do? Should I hold on to her and be her friend? What things should I do to win back her heart?thank you.