Dear Dr. Love:I am a thirty four year old man. I am relatively healthy, don’t drink very much, and I smoke cigarettes.My wife left me for another man a little more than a year ago.I did not see any women until the beginning of the year, in fact I avoided it. I was very depressed, and smoked a lot of pot. The depression and drug habit both died down in mid December.On new year’s eve, I met up with a woman with whom I had a relationship that ended badly before I got married. One thing led to another, and we ended up in bed.I was aroused when we started, but as soon as she touched my erection, it collapsed. I wrote it off as a bad idea anyway, and forgot about it.Now I am in another relationship with a woman that I really care about. We haven’t been seeing each other very long, two and a half weeks, but I feel very good about it, and so does she.Two days ago, we slept together.Again, I was excited while we kissed and held each other, but when she touched me, my erection dwindled. She was understanding, and we held each other all night, and it was still beautiful. But I know that can’t go on forever. She isn’t going to be satisfied with oral sex forever, and I want some, too!What can I do?