My girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year. When we started dating we decided to hold off till the time was right to have sex, which turned out to be about three months.For a while it was great, then she got pregnant, and decided without my consent she had an abortion. I was adopted as a child so this really hurt me.But I got over it, things seemed to be fine for a while, but slowly but surely sex became non-exsistant. Till about a month ago, she tells me that she wants to stop haveing sex all together, this wouldn’t be so bad, if she showed even one ounce of attraction, I mean when I try to kiss her she pulls away, I try to hold her she shrugs me off. I don’t need sex but I do enjoy it, and when I am with the person that I love, I don’t feel guilty about haveing sex with them.I think the problem stems from the abortion, will she always be this fridged? What can I do to help her get out of this funk? and show her attraction to me? This has been troubleing me, I don’t know how long I should put up with a girl who shows no attraction towards me.