Dear Dr. Love,My girlfriend and I have been involved with each other for a short while ( 5 or 6 months). She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met and I don’t want to lose such a gem over trivial matters involving distance and having opposite schedules. For the first time in my life, I let down my guard early and have fallen deeply for her.I live in San Francisco and she lives in San Jose which is about a fifty mile distance. In reality, we are not very far part. The problem is that before I met her I had left my previous career so that I may go back to college and attain a degree in a field that I discovered I would love to do for the rest of my life.I gave up a lot of wealth, stability, and my car in order to make such an important life changing opportunity. Being without a car has me relying on public transportation to visit her and has turned a simple one hour trip by auto into a 2-3 hour journey. The changes forced me to accept undesirable late evening work which includes weekends so that I may attend classes during the day.My girlfriend on the other hand has a great career and is the typical 9 to 5 with her weekends free. As things are now, I am on summer break. I usually visit her once or twice during the middle of the week and she does the same during weekends.One of the great things about our relationship is that we avoid problems by openly discussing our thoughts and feelings. We have agreed that these problems are frustrating, but have chosen to make the extra effort. I know that she wants to stay in a relationship with me.But lately, I have expressed my deep concern that when college starts next month, my crazy schedule will prevent me from being able to visit her most of the time and she will only be able to visit me for brief periods during weekends. She is avoiding the topic.This worries me, because I remember her stating in the past that she couldn’t deal with being limited to seeing me once a week. I feel she is avoiding the topic because she wants to try and make our relationship work or worse, she is reluctantly toying with idea of terminating the relationship. I want to solve this problem now, because the potential emotional drama will seriously affect my ability to focus on my education during the initial months.On a final note, I have been planning to move out of the city and closer to San Jose to ease my expenses and to regain my mobility (a car). I would like to believe that love will conquer all and need advice on finding a way to keep the relationship going until I can relocate in December.