I have a bit of dilemma. A year and a half ago I moved to another country, where I still am. About a month before moving I started seeing this girl, and although nothing ever happened she kept asking if I would change my mind and not go (I couldn’t due to neccessity formy career).After I left I felt things were left hanging in the airbecause we never discussed where our relationship was going. I cameback to visit her after 3 months, and was shocked to discover she hadstarted a relationship with a guy she had known 4 years. Obviously Iwas a bit upset but I dealt with it, because I wanted to be friends.Then this year she asked me to go travelling with her in south america, which I ended up doing and I am now worried because I realised I hadn’t gotten over her at all and like her far too much. I have been mising her all the time since I last saw her.I am moving back to my home country in 6 months, and don’t know what to do. I want to stay friends with her, but am worried it is going to stop me movingon and meeting someone else. On the other hand we get on so amazingly well, and I don’t want to lose her friendship. There is no visible sign she is going to finish with her boyfriend, so I think we will never become more than friends.What can I do in this situation? Not beingin the same country has meant I can keep her at arms length and nothave to deal with the situation, but when I move back to my home country I won’t be able to avoid the situation very easily (especiallysince her boyfriend works in the same place as me).How can I get past the feelings I have for her whilst remaning friends? I really don’t know what to do.Thanks