I am 21 and have known this guy since I was in 7th grade. About 4 years ago we hung out almost everyday and he just treats me exceptionally well. I moved away and over the past 3 years he has sent me around 30 letters and I visit often.I have been in love with him for so long but never told him because it would be selfish of me to impose my feelings on him since I am so far away. Lately his letters have been more intimate asking if we are wasting valuble time and he has started closing with love instead of your friend.I am leaving on aug 12 to visit again and I talked to him on the phone after I sent a letter and on the phone he explained that he should of never written it and it broke my heart. I don’t expect things long distance to work out but I know he cares for me and after my last letter I haven’t heard from him.Now I am feeling very vulnerable and uncomfortable that I may have scared him away. Now how do I fix this mess and make seeing him as uncomfortable as possible??Please help I can’t seem to get any advice on this!! Thanks so much Dr. Love, you could be the only person who can help!!