My boyfriend and I have been together 10months but known eachother over 25 years. Now that we are together he realizes that he may know too much about me, details of my past, the good the bad the painful.. it haunts him he says. There’s constant reminders in daily life that remind him of things that have happened to me but mainly he acts like he’s disgusted in the people I’ve been with, he had nothing to do with my past and yet when he gets a thought in his head he actually gets mad at me justifying it by saying it’s my fault cause I told him everyrhing.. he says he loves me so much that it hurts to think of the people I’ve previously been with, but he’s sabatoging what we have because of a life lived before him. It’s to the point where he wants to filter my Facebook, remove contacts he doesn’t feel I need to be in contact with, he is trying to change the routine I have with my kids father when it comes to pick up and drop off cause he feels threatened by the idea that him and I actually get along and co parent the way every seperated parent wishes to be. When he gets mad about the thoughts he has he basically calls me a slut, if I wasn’t a slut then none of this would be happening.. my life was full of pain and heartbreak, so u can imagine how it feels to be called a slut when that was far from who I was. I feel like I’m being punished for confiding in him before we even got together. He is the only person I’ve ever told my story to, why doesn’t he see how much he is hurting me and us? I don’t understand, maybe it’s a mental health problem? He seems like he may have  codependency and attachment issues, a neediness to be by my side all the time

Dr Jamie Turndorf Answered question November 30, 2022