Definitely need advice. My husband has been on Tranxene’s for that last 20 yrs. He is also on high blood pressure medication. We all know hose two meds, can deprive an encounter in the bedroom. He just recently had another anxiety attack, and the drs. are weaning him off of Tranxene but replacing it with Zoloft and Xanax.I have told him there are other ways to have sex, but he’s so dormant, and I feel I have no life. We are in our late 50’s. We have had no conversation for years. He is now retired, working as a consultant, for a company out of state. He can’t do that as he came home with this new anxiety problem. All he has done, for the last 2 yrs, is watch T, V. , nap or read.I want more. I am a go getter, but I don’t want to get him anymore. He is a good father and provider. I am at wits end. My interests became his and he follows me to my functions.I need space. My daughters (grown) are my only conversation as well as friends. I am so lonely. I didn’t think older age would be like this. Of course, my daughters won’t listen but my friends do. But it doesn’t fix my needs.First of all, how do I get conversation, into our relation (other than the good dinner I cooked). And, how do I restore, a mediocre sex life, back into my life. we talk about animals, because that ‘s my interest.But, he doesn’t talk about himself, except for the jobs he’s done in the past. He’s a carpenter. He does good for everybody else, but, not our home. Please get back with me. I have you on radio, but you’re so young, that I’m really surprised I’m writing.P. S. Candles absolutely, does not work.