ok i am going to be 19 soon and i went to prep school for my junior and senior years where i met this wonderful girl katie. she is my age and my bestfriend.i’m in college now and so is she, but we have still remained in contact over the phone occasionally, but mostly over instant messenger AOL, and i talk to her like 2 to 3 times daily.I have been doing the summer/college thing hooking up with these girls i do not wish to continue with a relationship after that night. And i really want a long relationship, in the 2 year plus range. i had a girlfriend for 10 months at this prep school but always had a deep liking for katie at the same time and things went sour with that girl and we were not together anymore.and i’ve been thinking of finding a girl to settle down with and i always came up with katie. and then it’s like all the puzzle pieces that these random girls were missing, katie had, the puzzle was complete! but there’s one thing shes at a college in NY.i keep telling her about my university in maine and she hates her school and decided to transfer here to maine. we are really close friends. but i have come to realize that kaite is it i feel that i’ve really nevr been closer to a girl without even having any sexual contacts with them before. she does everythign i do, outdoorsy, hikes, camps, rockclimbs, wicked good race skiier, and has a great looking body, and oh my god a great head on her shoulders!i am despartely in love with her. she has made certain points that we are friends, when i hint at certain things between us. but i really want to tell her but i have no idea how.i am lost in love. can you please show me the light to get out of this fogging mess?thanks