Hello Dr. Love!I really have a problem.You see I developed a crush 6 months ago, then as the days passed I noticed that he liked me too. . . On May 16th, 2007, 11:00 AM. , he asked for advice from me. He said he wants to tell his crush that he’s fallen deeply in love with her. I told him to tell her by letter.Our communication at that time was writing each other even though we live near each other. . . So he did that. I was shocked when I knew that I was the one he is talking about. Because of my shock, I accidentally rejected him. I didn’t mean to do that.So, after that, in the afternoon, he treated me as his princess, well that was kinda sweet. Then it was already summer vacation and we haven’t seen each other. Now that classes have started, I finally saw him but we are not classmates now. I’m in the first section & he is on the second.So, Dr. Love, I just want to ask you how can I know that he still has feelings for me? Coz I heard that he now likes other girl and honestly I am jealous. . . We are still friends now. How can I know that he still likes me? I still like him. . .Please help me Dr. Love