Hello everyone, I would like to ask you a question. 10 years ago, I met a girl in an online game. She is 19, I am 21. I played it every day and met her here often. We started writing more and more often. After that, we exchanged Facebook, email, skype, etc … Since then, we have been in contact with each other every day, writing, calling, etc … Even several hours a day. She lives 250 kilometers from me. After I did my driver’s license and learned to drive a little better, I invited her to a meeting and came to see her, and we got away for the first time. It didn’t take long and I invited her on a date. This was successful, we also had our first kiss. Then we kept writing and I really fell in love with her. I think of her every day. But there was one problem. I know she has a mental health problem. Unfortunately, in recent months he has stopped communicating both with me and his surroundings. He doesn’t want me to go after her. when I write it, it will come back in a week, not only to me, but also to my friends. I’m really scared of her, I love her so much, I love her and I’d like to help her. And I would also like to win her heart. I want to be a really good support for her.

PS: I would also like to add that my health is not the best and I also deal with mental health problem

Dr Jamie Turndorf Answered question May 26, 2022