I have been going with this girl for about 3 years of and on. This last time I lived with her for a year and a half. She has a little girl 4 years old who I’m very close to. I was with her more than anybody.We both lost our jobs about the same time, mine due to a work injury. We were stressed out and I was getting depressed. I finally got help for that but it was too late. She told me to get out and when I was in the hospital she got rid of my stuff. I still can talk to her and she talk to me just not about us.She said not to bug her so i haven’t called in about 3 days. I wrote her a 20 page letter letting know how I feel and miss her and her little girl, how I want to put back our family. I want to call her but I want her to have her space right now. What else can I do to get my family back!We were engaged back on Valentine’s Day. She was so happy and glad. I finally asked, then after 3 months she called it off. We got back together for 3 more months, now she said we can be just friends and talk to each other as long as I don’t mention us or getting back together.I’m confused. Yesterday I called her and she didn’t answer, probably sleeping, but I left a simple message wishing her happy birthday and left it at that. I haven’t heard from her but I am not going to call her for a few more days maybe.