I am hoping that you can offer some advice for my situation. My boyfriend & I have been together for a year now, and we have just moved in together.The last month or so I have started to have my doubts about the future of our relationship. My initial reaction was to ignore them, thinking that with time they would just go away, but so far, they haven’t, and seem to be getting stronger.One of the things that I think has added to this problem is the fact that I have just returned from an overseas trip with my family, on which I received quite a bit of attention from other guys, and I’ve got to be honest I didn’t mind it one bit, since my current man isn’t great at giving compliments & the like.However, now that I’ve retuned, I’m starting to notice more & more things about him that annoy me. Even the things I used to like about him annoy me. We have also started arguing quite a lot about little things. . but only because he always has to be the one to make a decision (like on where a picture should go on the wall) and though we’ve talked about compromise, I am not seeing any progress in the actual compromising ‘actions’.I know this sounds pretty bad but my problem is that we’ve just moved in together & we also work together, and it’s not as easy as’just end it’.How can I get him to listen to me? Is there hope for this relationship?I need your help.