Dear Dr.I live in Pakistan and have done A levels with 3 Ds in 4 yrs. I studied a lot but went to a psychiatrist in 2002 and was on medication for 1 1/2 years and didn’t become fine. Now I passed A levels in 2004 and wished to study medicine and didn’t get admitted.The only thing that what works in Pakistan is money-bribes. People who even score very low are admitted with bribes. I visited the States and other western countries almost 15 times or more and feel depressed seeing the difference with everything in Pakistan. No laws and my father told me you don’t enjoy any rights here.We have fights in the house every day about sending me abroad but even for admission in universities abroad you need lot of money which my parents can’t pay. I completed my education from the best school in pakistan and now my father ‘s salary is reduced by 60%.How can we cope with life. I am gettin mad each day HELP ME PLEASE. MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU. MAY YOU FIND YOURSELF IN PEACE EVERYTIME.