Dear Dr. Love,I have been in a year long relationship with a married man. After 7 months I discovered he was married and wrote to you. He and I both agreed that your advice was very good, ie that the wife is not blameless and has also, in some way, contributed to the undoing of his marriage.You warned me, however, to watch his potential to keep information hidden from me. Quite by chance I ran into his previous girlfriend and she admitted to me that they were seeing each other through the first half of our relationship (when he met me he told her he wanted to see other people but she still loved him) and he had recently called her to meet up again.So I split up with him. After two weeks he called me, apologized, referred to everything with her as a moment of weakness, and asked to see me again. He says the last call he made to her wasn’t for sex which I don’t believe (I was out of town and she didn’t want to see him).He admits that he cheated but blames me because I sometimes refused to see or talk to him. This happened whenever he made me crazy with jealousy by taking a trip w/o me (he met up with her) or acting as though we weren’t together at a dance. He says he doesn’t trust me for cornering her and revealing our personal life (yes, I did have quite a long conversation with her). And for telling my family what happened because they hate him now and I must see him in secret.He still says he loves me. I love him but I have horrible flashbacks of mistrust whenever he doesn’t call or claims he has a meeting with a client or social event. I think part of the problem is that I truly don’t believe he has anguished over any of the tremendous hurt he caused me. I ask myself, why if he lied before wouldn’t he lie again.I feel I’m losing my myself. My mind is continuously trying to match all of the pieces of his stories and his whereabouts. He says he’s getting very tired of being accused. I feel so cynical and mean and ugly where I was so so full of love and trust and happiness before. He acts as though nothing has happened.Finally, I know fidelity is very hard for him. Is there something I can do to accept him or be content again like I once was?