Dear Dr. Love,I am having a strange type of problem. I feel very shy to talk to girls.I want to have friendships with girls but I feel shyness and don’t know how to talk to them for the first time, how to approach them, and like I think that if the girl will give a bad response my ego will get hurt and it is very dear to me (my ego).This is the reason that I like 2 or 3 girls but I am not able to approach even a single one in last 2, 3 years. I just see them and feel frustrated.I just want to make a good friendship but there are many strange fears in my mind like if she says No or if she gives a bad response, bla bla bla. And now I feel hopeless to be able to get rid of this thing.Time is passing and there is another fear in my mind that if I will not be able to make a friendship with one of these girls most probably I will feel a lot of regret in future that I don’t want. I see them on the mall or in the university or in the grocery store. I feel bad and I am starting get depressed.