My name is Bruce and I have a really pressing question. I am seriously considering entering a Catholic seminary and becoming a priest because I have had very very poor luck with women. Maybe you can help. You see, I am in college and am 20 years old. I have always been an academic rather than social or athletic type personality.All through my life, I have encountered girl after girl which I set my heart on. I dreamt about them, thought about them continuously, and just wondered how great it would be to be together with them. My first was in 5th grade. Her name was Christine, and I really liked her. She kind of liked me, but after 5th grade, I went to a different school, so I never got to see her again. Then in sixth grade, I thought I met the girl of my dreams. Her name was Jamie, but she was really popular, while I was kind of thought of as the class nerd/bookworm. I thought about her a lot, but she never really seemed to like me. She even asked me out mockingly one time to tease me.Then I went to Junior high, and she went elsewhere, but I still thought about her. In junior High, I came across two or three girls that I set my heart on, and not one of them worked out. One’s name was Sarine, who talked to me, but there is no way I would have had a chance. The other was Keeley, who was really popular too; again she would have nothing to do with me. Then came High School.And back came Jamie. She had changed, and become very friendly, so at the get acquainted dance, I asked her to dance. She declined, the reason for which I was unsure of. I then asked her friend if she was going to the homecoming dance with anyone, but she already was. Shot down yet again, for the fifth time. Then in eleventh grade, I was talking to this guy Tony, and he was really popular; I asked who he was going to Prom with, and he said he was going with Jamie. Shucks, 6th time shot down. In 12th grade, I knew this girl Callie, but she was really shy. I though she was pretty, but my previous experiences kept m e from asking her out. Strike 7. (I should also note that during Junior High and High school at times when I felt like it might not work out with one of these girls, I did consider pursuing other girls, but these are the main ones.)After I graduated, I got a job along with going into college. I met a girl there, Michelle, who I thought was absolutely amazing. She was in High School, and After about 2 weeks, I found out she also had a boyfriend. Strike 8. And recently, I met a girl, in a club on campus, but she is in High School. Her name is Heather, and I think she is so fun to be around. However, I keep hearing her talk about the prom and other dances she goes to at all the high schools in my town. It really makes me feel out of my league. She, however is really kind to me, so I really want it to work out with me and her, but she is really popular, so why wouldn’t some guy already have her?She has the qualities that attract most guys-she is pretty and all,but she is also really nice and kind. So why wouldn’t some guy pick up on this before me? Whenever things go bad, I think of the saying ‘When you think things can only get worse, that is when they’ll suddenly get really good.’ At the end of each period of liking one of these particular girls when I found out it wouldn’t work between us, I said that to myself-‘When you think things can only get worse, they’ll get really good’ But then came the next one, and I would think it again.Next one came-same again. But things never got better. Why? I am really starting to lose faith in myself. People keep saying things like’ There will be other women.’ But there has never been one (relationship) that worked out for me.I have never had a girlfriend. I keep asking friends’What if Heather and I don’t work out?’They say ‘There are other women’ Boy, I think that sounds all too familiar. I am beginning to think there is something wrong with me in addition to being really really shy. I am not rude, perverse, or otherwise disrespectful to women. I don’t act weird around them; in fact I’m usually quiet so I don’t make a fool of myself. You ever get the feeling that something, some force, if you will, is trying its best to make your life difficult and miserable? What is wrong with me? I admit I seriously think there is something wrong with me, or I would not be asking you, but I don’t know what it is.I must also apologize for the incoherent nature of my writing-I amjust letting my thoughts flow, and don’t have time to make a grammatically perfect essay.I really hope that you pick this question for free, because I foundnothing in your advice archives that would help much. Thank you.Hopelessly helpless in Maine