Dear Dr. Love,I am a 25 year old single female (now 5 months free from a relationship) and have been utterly IN LOVE with a male co-worker of mine for almost a year. We are both teachers. We are both single and 1 year apart. I tried to forget about him over the summer but it didn’t work. All I ever think about is him. Everything about us seem to match up perfectly except for the fact that he has no idea of my feelings for him and I could never come out and admit them; most of the time when we speak we look away from each other and I start to babble or stutter or fall or something just as clumsy.All of our other co-workers and even students have said that we would make the ‘perfect’ couple. I don’t know what to do. Could my dream to be with him ever become a reality? From’Jerry McGuire’ . . . ‘I LOVE him!!!’ Please Help me.Signed, Helplessly in love with a co-worker