Dear Dr. Turndorf,I am sloooooowly going crazy here and in need of some advice. I am happily married for 12 years, 2 wonderful kids (4 and 2). . and a loving wife.Now here is the problem. My daughter is at the age now where she is getting more active in activities around town (cheerleading camp, bible school, etc) so it means that me and my wife are starting to socialize more with the other parents.Until this started we pretty much kept to ourselves and ran with a close group of friends. But since our daughter started going to these events I have run into old girlfriends that I haven’t seen in years. This hasn’t been an issue until now.A couple weeks ago I picked up my daughter from cheerleading camp and I was nearly floored because of what I saw. I bumped into my first ‘real’ girlfriend from high school. I haven’t seen or spoke to her in nearly 20 years. I guess she recently moved back into town after her father passed away and is married with 3 children.Mind you that father time has NOT been good to her and the way we ended our relationship was not pleasant, but that’s the problem. I CANNOT stop thinking about her. I would NEVER leave my wife for I love her to death and that’s why I am going crazy. I feel really ashamed about this and I could never talk to my wife about what is going on for she is the jealous type.Is this normal and will it pass?