Dear Dr. Love:I really hope you choose my question because I am agonizing over this and I really just don’t have the money to get help…My boyfriend and i have been together for 6 1/2 months and we are as happy as any couple could be. After 3 months of dating, we started to say ‘I love you.’ to each other. We said this on a mutual basis for about a month.After a month of ‘I love you,’ he told me that he’s not sure if he in fact loves me. He said that he’s never been in love before and that he just isn’t sure if he has those feelings for me. After we spoke about it, we concluded that we would both refrain from using ‘I love you’ and we haven’t said it since! But the truth is that I love him and him telling me this hurt so much.Now 3 months later, I am wondering if maybe his feelings have changed–once again, our relationship is wonderful. We talk about our most hidden secrets and we are very open with each other. Is it possible that after he told me he did not love me that he may fall in love, or was it too late? Is it inappropriate for me to ask him about it now? Our relationship has everything it needs, except sometimes I just need to be told that I am loved and I’m scared that he won’t ever fall in love with me.I should also mention that he is an over-thinker….he thinks about every little things and searches for an explanation for everything. It’s almost as though unless he can find a reason for something, he doesn’t believe it….I’m begging you, please help me. I don’t have anywhere else to turn. Thank you.Sincerely, Heartbroken