Dear Dr. LoveI have been dating my current girlfriend for the last year and a half. Last week, she informed me that she wanted some space to focus on herself. The relationship is one of long distance. She is in Indiana, I am in New Jersey. We made the time to see each other just about every other month. The relationship was working well. I know that she still loves me, but when she told me that she wanted space and that she wasn’t sure how she felt, I was heartbroken.Now I sit thinking about her, not able to call because we decided that we would just not talk on the phone for a bit, to sort of ‘heal’ what happend over the last week. I am very confused. I love her very much. I have been told by so many friends, ‘give up,’ or ‘forget about her and move on.’ My parents never want me to speak with her again. So I now have a conflict. My heart tells me to wait, my mind tells me to date others. She is my only love. She is 20, and I am 23. I should add that she is working as an intern in the senate. I hope you can give me some advice, Dr. I would really appreciate this. I know she still cares about me, I just don’t understand why all of a sudden she did this. Thank you in advance for your reply.Sincerely, Heart Stuck