I am in a relationship that has been ongoing for about 2 years. Both of us have come from previous monogomous marriages. Both of us have different reasons why our marriages didn’t work. Mine was about possessiveness and emotional abuse. His was lack of communication and lonliness. We are both honest and open about feelings. We have tried all kinds of new concepts for both us involving sexual experimentation. Much of it is new to both of us. Recently he has talked to me about polyamory. He says he really is turned on about having multiple partners. He wants to be able to have sexual and nonsexual relationships with other people. I have no problem with the non sexual part, as I feel we all need other relationships to stimulate us and enhance us. I have not developed the ability to be able to share him sexually and I develop strong jealousy in this . I have researched and tried to learn from my jealousy and find out what triggers it and have decided it is my insecurity of lack of worth and inability to be able to please him. Don’t get me wrong, we have a wonderful, stimulating sex life and both have very high sex drives. I just can’t get past him sharing that very intimate part of him. He wants to me to really examine my feelings before I say no. Each time I think of it, I feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach. I don’t want to own or possess him and most of all I want him to be happy. I don’t seek to change him either. I just don’t know how to wrap my mind around this. I have given him some’rules’ which I want to test, but deep down I know that when he tells me he has made love with other women, I will want to die. I feel like I’m being used. I have told him this also. He says wait and see if the jealousy kicks in when it happens. Our rules are that he must phone me and tell me when he is intending to have a sexual relationship with another person. He must always wear protection. He can never do it at his house. We don’t live together, but we spend the bulk of our time at his place. I have veto power that he must obey. If I say No I can’t handle it, he must respect my wishes. It sounds so one sided, but in reality I know it won’t make much difference in how I feel. We both love each other intensely. What should I do?