Dear Dr. Love,Thank you for the great work you do. You saved my life a few times, and for this I am eternally grateful.I hope you can help me again. . . I have been involved with a married man for 4 years now. I love him deeply. He turns 50 in 2 months (I am 26). He recently told me that at 50 we will have to end it between us.I sobbed like a hurt child in front of him and told him that I wasn’t ready to let go of him. He doesn’t want to end it, but says it’s the right thing to do, he doesn’t want to stop me from finding a man who can marry me and treat me better than he has.I told him he is being selfish, ridiculous, and unfair, he should’ve thought about this before he decided to have an affair with me. He said he didn’t think it would last this long, didn’t expect to get attached to me like that.When we met, I was depressed, naive and still a virgin. I feel like he should’ve been the adult and not taken advantage of me. With all that, I still love him very much.I know that he will not leave his wife, and I’m almost ok with it. I still want us to be together for a while longer, but he is determined to end it.I am devastated. I almost want revenge.This past month has been hell for me (my mother, brother and sister got into a car accident), and I can’t take it anymore. I find myself thinking that it would be great if God took me to Him. I need answers, what do I do? I am confused and can’t think straight.Thank you kindly for any word of advice.