My boyfriend and I argue about the same thing over and over again this has to do with his family he continues to put them before me. I feel at times he makes them more important than me for example we could be in the middle of a conversation and before we are done talking he has the phone in his hand calling one of them.Every day something new is happening where I’m afraid that he is going to be taken from me. When I mention these things to him he gets angry with me. I tried to give him some advice and told him that if he ever wanted to be happy in any relationship that he will have to start living his life and deal with his problems first then help his families problems.I love him and I’M not asking him to give his family up all I’ve ask of him is to think of us first. It might sound as if I like his family but I don’t know them so I cant say that about him. His phone rings as soon as I walk in everyday from work till I go to bed then even when I’M a sleep.Two things I need to know is how do I DEAL with this and if I’M in the wrong in any thing I’ve said to him.