Dr. Love, I am a 42 year old African-American woman and I recently met a man of Italian American Heritage. I am attracted to him and he seems interested in me as well. Here’s the problem: My friends have told me that most of the Italian men they have met have been only interested in Black women for sex, not a relationship. I have since noticed that he does not seem to have a very high opinion of Black men. I have not ascertained if this is how he feels about all’ Black men or just those involved in criminal activity. Other than a few dates, I have not allowed our relationship to progress any further until these issues are resolved. I can’t imagine he would be honest if I asked him directly. I am not interested in having casual sex. It would be very hurtful to be intimate with this man only to discover that what my friends said were true. I could, of course, move and and try to forget about him, but what if my suspicions are unfounded? I would hate to have prejudged him only on rumor and suspicion.