I have been with my partner for nearly five years, but days ago he dropped the bombshell that he thinks that he no longer finds me sexually attractive. As far as I can tell, everything was fine until about a month ago. He says that he has been confused for longer, however.Things were exacerbated when he restarted university; he met a girl that he found attractive, which made him realise that he didn’t find me attractive. He was never unfaithful (physically), but he told her how he felt, and she wasn’t interested.I desperately love him, and can’t conceive of a future without him in it. He says that he loves me too, and we still hold each other and hug and kiss. He has agreed to see a relationship counsellor with me, and says that he wants it to work, but won’t tell me why things have changed.Any ideas? Can we still make things work?