Hello Dr. Love.There is this guy that I worked with and he called me up to tell me that he thought I was cute. I thought to myself that it was great. I have never had a guy just come to me to say how he felt right away. Some times they like to play games with me.So he would ask me out and I would tell him no because I had to work or I was busy, he would do the same. Even though we would always be busy we still talked to each other on the phone. I started to like this guy, he had a great personallity and he was cute. So we did go out on a date, I had a nice time (I am not sure if he did or not).He did never ask me if we could go out again. But I just found out a couple of days ago he could only see me as a really good friend and that is it. He told me that I was too much like him and that when we went out I could not decide where I wanted to eat.But it took him 2 mounths just to tell me that. I wish he would have said something to me sooner than he did. I felt angry at him for leading me on like he did.But I sometimes wounder to myself if I was the one to push him away. When I like someone, or find out they like me I act different around them. With my other friends I can joke with them and not clam up when I am alone with him.But when I like someone I clam up and I am afraid to make any kind of move on them even if they say it is okay. I also tend to say things that they don’t like and I did not even know that it was bad until I think about what I said, and by then it is already too late. .I guess my question to you would be: How do I get over being diffrent around people that I like so I don’t chase them away? And how do I try not to be a bitch? At least I sometimes think I am, but when I ask people they say I am far from it.Thanks for your time.