Dr Love,What does it mean when my boyfriend says he needs some space?He said he needs a few days to a week to think and I have not talked to him since tuesday. .I am starting to worry if he still cares? I feel like if you love someone how can you go so long with out talking? I made the mistake of calling this morning to say hi. .Does space mean its over? He still has clothes at my house and a key to my apartment. So if it was over he would of picked that stuff up by now right?When he first addressed the issue it was last Sunday and when he said he needed some space my fear mechanism kicked in and I said ok well I guess its over then. He came over crying and flipping out that he did not want to lose me and asked if we could work it out. . I said yes and then it was fine.Then i thought about it and decided I needed to honor him and give him his space. . So he took it. Now I am worried. . Help please. . Was it wrong of me to call this morning?