I am a 29 year old woman. I’ve been married for 11 years. We were engaged 2 years before that. I have 2 children. We have a lot of issues.He has had a mother that always wanted her way and sometimes he punishes me for the things he thinks she has done wrong in the past when he couldn’t stand up to her, which he sill can’t. I lived in a family in which my mother was always unhappy and she still is. She has always either found a way to be out of the house or been sick or tired.I have done more than my best to have a good marriage. At least for the sake of my kids. I have been unhappy through this relationship but have always hoped that by being patient things would turn for the better.About our sex life I have been more than tolerant. He had and still has premature ejaculations. In the past he wouldn’t even try to give me an orgasm, or would spend a couple of minutes for oral sex, which wasn’t satisfying at all.I had my first orgasm with him after 8 1/2 years through oral sex. He doesn’t care about my feelings. But I know that deep down he has a good heart and he is a responsible man. He just doesn’t try to make me happy, as if it doesn’t matter as long as he has his family, and I support him and he tries to have and reach all the things in life that he wants and has wanted.I don’t know how long I can continue with this life. I have no hope that he will change. He just doesn’t understand me or women for that matter. He is 38 years old now.PLEASE HELP ME.