I am very confused. This guy I know has many moods. When I first met him he was nice and he flirted with me all the time. We also spent a lot of time together. Now I have no idea who he is. He will be nice to me one minute and then the next time I see him he is a total ass.EXAMPLE: he asked me how my day was and then he told me about what he was going to do that night, normal right? Then I just saw him today and oh my god, what an ass. He made fun of me.I sometimes feel that he is trying to compete with me. He also changes his mind all the time. I guess what my question is: Why would he want to be my friend one minute and then change his mind. Either he does or he does not. Why don’t he just tell me to back off if he did not want to be my friend?I sometimes feel that I am wasting my time with him. He did at one point in time tell me that he was hanging out with this girl. It seems that after he met her he started to go crazy while he was hanging with her, the things that he once loved, he now hates. He also told me that she moved away. I don’t think he went crazy because she moved away, he was going crazy while he was with her.I thought that if you met someone you love and care about, it brought the best out in you. Does it?I just want to thank you for your time. I LOVE YOUR WEB SITE! ! ! !