Dear Dr. Love,I was previously engaged to a man who had been keeping crucial life circumstances from me. He lied and betrayed me, and I left him. We live in different cities and now three months later he is asking for a 2nd chance.I still love him, but he has destroyed my trust in him. He is willing to move his life to mine, because he has realized all that he has done to our relationship. I don’t know what to do. Part of me wants to give him another chance, but how do I know that he will never dissapoint me ever again?I am 24 years old, still a virgin, and I don’t regret leaving him at all. I am still in love with him though. Please help. Why would a 27 year old man buy a beautiful engagement ring and not be totaly honest with me from the start about his past? How do I know if he is worthy of me? PLEASE HELP!!Thank you, Alania