Dear Dr. Love, First off I’ll clarify that I am quite young, about eighteen, and that I fully understand that I have plenty of emotional growth left. Recently I’ve been dating a girl my age and things have been going pretty well. We’ve both agreed that we are not attached and given each other the freedom to date around. This is quite important because we do not have any real chance at a healthy long-term relationship, particually for religious reasons (she’s very religious; I’m agnostic).Recently I found out that while we have been dating she has kissed a friend who is extremely close to me, like a brother. She has also kissed another guy whom I do not know. I had previously begun to build up a bit of an inferiority complex in the case of my friend and so the fact that she kissed him did affect me. Other than that I don’t really care that she had intimate contact with either of these guys.However, I am upset because of how she’s treated these situations. She didn’t tell me about either of these situations because she was afraid she’d ‘be in trouble.’ I had to drag out the information after I kind of got the feeling that she was holding something back. I’m not a controlling person, nor am I violent; but I am upset that she would hold back this kind of information, not because she was afraid I’d be hurt, but because she was afraid of ‘being in trouble.’ Anyway, I’m considering getting out of the whole situation because I don’t think that this short-term relationship is worth this kind of emotional stress.