Dear Dr. Love: I have been dating this woman since November and so far things have been going better than any of my past relationships. I’ve never been happier.Right now, though, I’m confused. I took her back to my hometown for my grandparent’s 50th anniversary bash this past weekend, and I’m afraid it was a bad move. The ride was 3 hours, and winter in my home state is not the most exciting time of year. There was little to do besides the party. On the ride up, we talked, but not a lot (often I had to initiate the conversation).The party WAS a lot of fun ( for me at least), but that ‘s about all that went well. After the weekend was over, we barely spoke on the ride back. She said she had a good time, but I’m afraid it was her being nice. She kissed me goodbye when I dropped her off, and told me to call. So I don’t know if I’m being just paranoid, or if things are a little rocky.I want to add that we started having sex a couple weeks ago, and it was the first time in my life that I had sex with a woman I really cared about. She’s been a great support to me in adjusting to my new life down here, and I think I’m falling for her.Should I have waited on introducing her to the family?Should I slow things down in some way–maybe tell her she should spend a weekend to herself?I want this to work, and want to say the right thing without giving her the impression that I’m unhappy with our relationship.I need advice on what to do.