Dr. Love, I need your help. My girlfriend of over a year recently broke it off with me. She had been seeing a church counselor without my knowledge and the counselor convinced her we were not compatible.We had been talking of marriage and we were having the best time of our lives. Then one day we had lunch together, everthing was fine, I kissed her goodbye and she giggled and we were in love. That night about 8:00 p. m. she called me to come over to her house. There she was sitting at the kitchen table with my ring on the table and a serious look on her face. She told me it was over.She said she had been seeing a counselor for a while and today was her last session and that through the counseling she realized we were not compatible.How could things go so wrong? I want her back, what should I do? I am so in love and I don’t want to give up. I know she would not cheat on me, so that is not the problem. I am lost, what should I do?