I am a 26 year old guy and I have never had a girlfriend and I have very little sexual experience. All the girls I have been interested in in the past always turned me down, and often they say I’m a really nice guy but they’re just not interested.I don’t feel happy about this but it has happened so often that I have sort of learned to accept it happened. The thing is though, I have recently met a lovely girl and I feel very much in love with her.One night we kissed, but the day after she told me that she is not interested in a relationship, because she has been hurt in the past (I don’t know what exactly happened but she told me she hasn’t been in a relationship for 2 years because of this).I am very afraid that this friendship will end up the same as the ones in the past and I will end up hurt again. Also, I feel very jealous now if she pays attention or shows interest in other guys, even though she may not be interested in anything else than friendship.I don’t know what to do, can you give me any advice on how I’m going to deal with this??