Dear Dr. Love,Hi. I’m Mary. . .and I’m 15. I hope you please answer this question in your column. . .it’s very important to me.About a year and 3 months ago – I met my first love over the internet. We were very, very close. He’s 17 now. Our relationship seemed like it was unbreakable. . .until I mentioned that I had kissed someone else – before even meeting him. He thought this made me tainted.. .used. . .And he couldn’t deal with that. Since January. . we’ve been trying to deal with this problem. It’s consumed our entire lives. He went into a deep depression, was kicked out of school, put on medication, and arrested. Right now he’s on trial. . .facing up to 8 years in jail. He blames the entire thing on me. . .and my mistake. Personally, I don’t think I did anything wrong. But he won’t see it my way. Now, we’re trying to be ‘just friends’. . .but I can’t live without him. He’s my life.I know losing your first love is probably the hardest. . .But this feels different. I’m not complete without him. . .I feel like I’m dying. All of my dreams are gone. I want him back – but the only way to get my wish – is to fix this problem. How do I change my past – so that the kiss was nothing? And it doesn’t taint me? Please help. . .I need him. . .Love, Mary