Dear Dr. Love,I really need your help! I’m only 18 and already burdened with the hardships that come with relationships! I have been with my boyfriend since I was 16! I can honestly say he is my first love! He is very dear to me! Yet, recently, I have had feelings for another man! I have known him for 7 years but we have been merely acquaintences! This year we became closer friends! On a school trip we spent a lot of time together and all of a sudden all of these feelings for him came out!I found myself extremely attracted to him. We shared a kiss and I feel extremely guilty, eventhough it was an innocent kiss. Once we graduated the feelings seemed to have gone away, but last weekend I saw him again and all those feelings came back again!I know for a fact that my boyfriend means more to me than this other man but I can’t seem to get these feelings out of my head!What makes things even worse is that my boyfriend senses something is up between us and is extremely jealous!Also this other guy admitted to me that he had bee n in love with me for a long time! This just made my feelings for him even stronger! What’s wrong with me? Am I falling out of love with my boyfriend? Please Help!!!