Dear Dr Love,I found out last night that my boyfriend wasn’t a virgin, and for all the time we’ve been together I thought he was, since he told me I was the first person he ever kissed, so I just assumed…Since I thought we were both virgins, I thought the first time we had sex would be really special, but now I’ve found out that he lost his virginity to a prostitute, and I can’t believe he thinks so little of doing it for the first time. I don’t want to break up with him, because I know what he did wasn’t that bad, but I can’t help thinking of him with her, and that when he asks me to have sex with him he’s thinking of how it was with her.Plus I’m worried that he’s going to think you can have sex with the person you love the same way you do with a prostitute, ie in and out and that’s it. Please help me sort out my feelings.