I am an 15 year old real girl with a very big clit (bigger than my lips) that makes sometimes so much pain that I cant urinate without pain. My gynecologt said that my clit should be amputated, because that is the only possibility to heal the pain and look like a girl. After that I go to a other gynecologt to hear his opinion. He said that a clitoris amputation is not nessesary, but he do not know if it would be better.I do not know what is better for me. On the one hand no pain anymore and looks like a normal girl is fantastic, on the other hand the clit is a part of my genitalia. But I think I let my clit amputate. Now I have some questions about this operation – whats your opinion? – should a big clit gernerally be amputated? – is that a big operation? – Can you give me informations about this op? – How long must I stay in hospital? – I heard that at such a op parts of the little lips are removed, too. – is that right? – Why? – Can I have orgasms after this op? – What consequences have this op? – what is a neoclit?