I am 17, I have several soft tissue diseases and the chronic pain that I have to endure everyday is tough on my boyfriend. He is empathetic, but not sure how to deal with it when I’m am pain.It is a strain on our relationship and I don’t want to start feeling as if I’m a burden, like I used to when I first started having the problems. He has helped me through so much in the past year, but it is getting harder on him, I know.I crumpled up in the middle of a store the other day and then he helped me out to the car. In the car I was still in a little ball of pain and he mistook it that I was upset with him or something. I wasn’t! I was just in pain!After I explained this to him he started yelling. Not necissarily at me, though. He was saying how it wasn’t fair to him. . . then in a smaller voice he said: ‘. . . and it isn’t fair to you.’The chronic pain gets in the middle of alot of the things we do, when we are having fun- it’ll start and bring us smashing down out of our sunny cloud.I need help sorting this all out; I’m not sure what to do. Will it help if I just try to hide it more when I’m in extreme pain at the most inappropriate of times? I’m at a loss as to what to do!!!