I have a big dilema. I’ve beenfriends with this woman for about 6 yrs now. We have quite a history together. I got caught in bed by my ex girlfriend with her. We didnt talk up until March ’03.
Then we started seeing each other and became really good friends. We even had sex more often than none. It was ok for us to see other people. . . . . . . . at first. Then I developed more feelings for her and wanted to stay exclusive but she doesnt want to, stating that she does not know what she wants right now (which I can respect).
But here’s my problem. How do I turn off these feelings and still be her friend at the same time. Its gonna kill me if she is with somebody and thinks im ok with it. It really hurt when she recently told me she made out with a guy at a party.
I acted like it didnt bother me but it did. I really want either one thing or the other. But, how do I go about selecting the right choice?
Friends or Sexual friends or Just get the Hell outta my life??????????