Ok, I’m 16 and a guy. I’m in love with my best friend (she’s a girl). I love her so much. I think about her everyday. We wanted to date a few years ago but she is best friends with my sister too. We didn’t want to hurt my sis, so we never dated. A few years later, I’m still in love with her.I go to a small school, so there is no girl to ‘get my mind off of her. ‘ I love her. She has talked to and dated a few other guys and I’m always jealous. I want to be friends but I don’t know if I can. I love her but she just wants to be friends now. I don’t know if I can just be friends because I want to get over her.I still love her, but I need to move on. I know I’ve said that like ten times. I have tried to get over her but the only way I can is if I get mad at her, which puts both of us in a bad mood. She is in every one of my classes and comes over like everyday. (Cause of my sister) I love her and want to be more than friends.What do I do. Move on? How?