My boyfriend is really in love with me. . . he tells me all the time and want to marry me etc (I am only 20 and don’t want to marry for another 7 years at leat. . . he understands this).When we first started dating I drank a lot and was hence a energiser rabbit when it came to sex.After about 6 months of dating I totally stopped drinking and gradually also lost my sex drive.He is very understanding and says that if I don’t want sex then thats alright with him. But I know its not. . . he loooves sex. There are other issues here, such as him lying to me. . . not about anything serious, just little white lies, which end up really hurting me, I have told him this but he says that he would never lie about something important. I also realise why he does lie, his mother is very nosey and controlling.There is also an issue of personal hygene and his appearance. He is quite good looking but takes not pride in what he looks like. Also missing a shower or forgetting to brush his teeth means nothing to him. Then he wonders why I don’t want to kiss him.I am not sure if I love him, I think maybe as a friend only. but I don’t want to hurt him by telling him these things. please help. Thanks