This is the first time I’ve visitied your site…and glad I have. I do have to say my love life is very frustrating and more so for my wife. When she and I were dating I was able to give her an orgasm most every time we had sex, or so she says.We both decided to stop having sex 3 months prior to our marriage so that our special day without any protection would truely be that. It was that, but 5 years have passed and she hasn’t orgasmed since we were engaged!We try the things that worked before and I explore new areas on her body, but I only last long enough to get her close. And that’s not saying that I reach orgasm quickly, most of the time I try to work her up with foreplay. Either that or she gets sore from me trying.I’ve told her to keep her mind off it, that maybe she’s trying too hard but that doesn’t work either. I don’t think she’s ever explored her own body to find the right spots, because when I ask she’s not quite sure…and seems uncomfortable about it.I don’t want to say ‘try masturbating’ because I know she doesn’t really like the subject. Another thing, I always seem to be the initiator which makes me think she’s getting bored with not being able to reach orgasm.We are planning to try and conceive this summer and I really want to give her that one orgasm…what should I or she do?Signed -Flustered