G’day Dr Love.I have been with my boyfriend since the day we started going out and that was over a year ago. I am separated for 2 years now and have 2 daughters (6 & 2). My ex husband and I are sharing custody (one week off). My boyfriend adore my kids.About a year ago, he was engaged in a fight that happened at work and it was pretty obvious that it was a set-up which made him lost his job. To cut story short, because of that he is suffering from depression and lost self confidence. He is seeing someone about it and taking medication to help him handle anxiety. He finds it difficult to sleep and therefore he takes something to help him on that as well.With all of these happening, we seems to fight more often and to be honest with you, I always start the argument. I feel I am not happy with him but I can’t bear the thought of losing him. We both know that we love each other and thats what keeping us together.He mentioned to me few times that he is considering of going to the countryside and start a new life but he wants me to go with him. He knew for a fact that I can’t do that because of my kids. Sometimes I think if its better for us to just go separate ways because I know he wouldn’t be happy living in the city.I tried to understand what he’s going through but for how long? My friends advised me that I have to think about myself too and esp my kids.It also affected our sex lives where I feel that I have to ask for it at most times. Talked about it to him and he blames the medication he’s taking. If he feels being depressed he goes inside the bedroom and spend hours fiddling with his computer.I told him about what I think and his behaviour. He said he is aware of it but he just can’t help himself. When the kids are around he does the same thing his reason is so I could spend time with the kids ‘quality time’. I told him I would like him to be part of it.Is it selfish to think where my life is heading with him? Because sometimes I feel like I don’t have any future with this person I’m living with.Please advice.