Dear Dr. Love, I am this desperate for help that I am turning to all sources, now its an online advice column.Ive read ur archives and u seem to be the perfect and most intelligent person who can help me in this situation. I pray that u can. . . .Ok, I have a problem(obviously), I have no sex drive anymore for my boyfriend of 2 years. Maybe its really im just falling out of love (even though I don’t want to, i WANT to want him, I want to feel the way i used to with HIM). Ive told him how i feel, and he of course, is saddened by it immensly.I find myself sometimes crushing on another guy (even though id never cheat but maybe if i knew he wanted me too id leave-MAYBE). My bf is my first bf ever. We have not haD sex though (im 18) even though in the beginning i saw it as a possibility(hes been with MANY others by the way if that helps).We used to have one, i used to want ‘it’ any time, anywhere, i felt strong emotions not just physical pleasure whenever we did do anything. Now, last yr this time exactly, he cheated on me. For 3 monthes he had sex with some girl.We’re still together so i obviously thought id foriven him-Well, sort of. Him cheating on me caused me to be SEVERLY depressed, not trust him at all, and i was constantly plagued with mistrust.Please help. sincerly,by far, your most miserable, confused patient=)